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Questions To Ask Before Buying Jet Ski Trailers

by Roman

If you’re here, it means you probably already have a jet ski, and are looking for the best and safest way to transport it. As with most things in life, you need to be better informed before buying these jet ski trailers. With further ado, these are some important questions to ask yourself.

Do you really need a jet ski trailer?

This may come as a shocker, since you’re here looking for answers to make the best purchase. However, before you proceed, you have to understand why you feel you need a jet ski trailer. Having a jet ski doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve to invest in a trailer. It is only when all options to transport the jet ski fails, then you’re ripe for a trailer.

What’s the ideal weight of the jet ski trailer?

Normally, a standard jet ski trailer of 350 to 500 kg should be adequate to tow a single jet ski. If you have friends and family who you intend to help tow their jet ski, you may want to settle for a higher capacity trailer. Although it may cost more, it’s best to buy the right weight needed rather than overloading a smaller trailer.

Do you also have a boat needing transport?

There are several jet ski trailer designs that allow you to attach a boat to the trailer. The boat can be attached to the front of the trailer and the jet ski at the back. It is a cost-effective way of transporting your ski and boat at the same time. If you own a boat, it’s best to invest in a trailer with multiple carrying functions that have to drag along two different things. Again, you’ll need to consider the weight of the trailer.

Is the trailer corrosion-resistant?

There’s a high chance the trailer will get close to water. Several suppliers make advertisements for a submersible jet ski trailer. This means you can bring it close to water to lower down the ski. To be on a safe side, you’ll need to make sure the trailer frame is made from a corrosion-resistant material. It is the surest way to ensure the trailer has a long lifespan. A frame made from galvanized steel is not only strong, it has great durability.

Do you have the right budget for it?

This is in connection with the first question of if you need a trailer in the first place. If you have the budget to get quality trailers, then you’re more than halfway there. However, rather than compromise on quality and settle for cheaper, inferior trailers, it’s best to rent one instead. That’s right; there are several jet ski trailer rentals you can take advantage of.


In the end, your budget will determine the weight capacity and size of the trailer to buy. Know your needs and plan accordingly. You’re better off buying a trailer that can hold more than more jet skis, if you’ll be helping others or you own a boat. Some trailers also come with wenches for easy loading and unloading of the jet ski.

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