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Common Types of JST Connectors and Their Uses

by Roman

A JST connector is a common electrical connecting standard. An acronym for Japan Solderless Terminal, JST connectors are present in most electrical appliances. One of the most common examples is the whited-headed cable in workstation computer systems.

Other than that, you may have also seen a jst phr-3 adapter in rechargeable battery backups. Curious about how these connectors differ from each other? Read along. We spell out everything!

Common Types of JST Connectors

JST SH 1.5 mm

This JST wire connector has 1.5mm spacing between its connecting pins. Its 4-pin variant is the most common type of JST connector found in most flight controllers and laptops.


JST GH looks similar to the SH connectors but has a pin spacing of 1.25 millimeters. However, observing closely, you’ll find the pins are bigger and more spread out. Moreover, the plastic housing is thicker and taller. Coming to the use, you’ll mostly find the 1.25mm connector in small video cameras. Although the connectors may have a different number of pins, the spacing is always 1.25 mm.


The next connector is the JST ZH connector with 1.5 mm spacing. Compared to the other connectors, the ZH connectors are rare. You’ll mostly find them in satellite receivers. Other than those, some 3D printers also use them.


The JST PA and PH connectors have a pin spacing of 2.0mm. However, they differ in their current capacities. The JST PA has a current capacity of 3 Amps, while the JST PH connector has a current capacity of 2 Amps. These 2.0 mm spacing connectors are common in low-quality electronics and fabricated hobbyist PCBs. However, they are inexpensive and compact but aren’t much robust.


The JST XH connector comes with 2.5 mm spacing. You will find three different variants in the 2.5 mm spacing. Typicals are the JST XH, XA, and EH connectors. The connector on the circuit decides which one you need to buy as all three have a different number of input wires. As for the current capacity, they offer the same power of 3 amps. Again, you’ll cross paths with this connector family in low-consumer products.

Although these connectors are very much alike, they have different shapes. That is why you can use a JST EH instead of a JST XH. The XH connectors are like a larger version of the PH connectors. You’ll recognize them by their particular head design and taller plastic housing.

The JST XA connectors are not very common. Most of your electronic projects will require XH connectors. XA connectors are mostly present in Japanese brand LED TVs or other products.

How Do You Recognize A Male And A Female JST Connector?

Many users mistake these two terms. Therefore, it’s important to elaborate on them. A JST female connector has rounded pins. In contrast, the male JST connectors have metallic pointed pins. Alternatively, for a simpler identification, the female connector has wires connected to it. At the same time, the male one is on its own. When you purchase a JST connector, it comes with both male and female connectors.


JST connectors are power-transmitting connectors in various electronic devices. Some advanced ones also provide other functions like video and audio transmission. One thing to note is that there are countless kinds of JST connectors. As more devices appear on the market, the connectors keep updating. Therefore, you should always examine the connector on the circuit before purchasing a wired or female connector.

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